Clear IT

For all IT equipment, Telecomms equipment WEEE Serve offers a cost effective WEEE solution, to ensure your compliance with the WEEE Directive

We can dismantle, clear and ethically dispose of IT equipment and commercial WEEE, that are excess or redundant to your requirements.

WEEE Serve dismantles to a "Clear Space" condition:-

  • IT infrastructure and cabinets
  • Data rooms
  • Data and Power Cabling
  • UPS units
  • Air conditioning systems

WEEE Serve removes, recycles, re-uses:-

  • Server, Data and Comms Cabinets
  • Servers, Routers, computers and Switches
  • Telecomms equipment and handsets
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Testing equipment and furniture
  • Data Room Floor Coverings & Rasied Floors
  • Batteries

WEEE Serve provides:-

  • Legal Waste Transfer Notes
  • Consignment Inventory schedules
  • Environment Agency Certification of disposal and method
  • WEEE Directive Audit Documentation
  • Hard Drive destruction to DoD and MoD Standards
  • Removal and Disposal at Short Notice