Compliance - WEEE Serve

The WEEE directive requires all owners of waste electrical and electronic equipment to dispose of each item in accordance with the compliance regulations as set out in the EU WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC as amended and the Environment Protection Act 1990. Each item of waste to be disposed of must be documented on a consignment inventory and attached to an Environment Agency Waste Transfer note demonstrating the passing of the legal ownership from the Waster to the Wastee. This documentation is registered with the Environment Agency to ensure that the journey of each item can be tracked and audited from the point of Wasting to End of Life and the point of destruction.

WEEE Serve offers 2 levels of compliance:-

  • Managed compliance - WEEE Serve undertakes the compilation of the waste asset inventory which is signed off by the client. On receipt of the waste the Waste Transfer Note is issued against the inventory check for the material finally received.
  • Client Managed Compliance -The client compiles the waste asset inventory using standard documentation issued by WEEE Serve. The Waste Transfer note is raised on receipt of the consignment inventory and the waste material.