Enviroment Management

WEEE Serve is a clearance and dilapidations provider and is committed to delivering quality products/services. As a specialist WASTE Contractor WEEE Serve is committed to the protection of health and the environment in it's own and clients workplace(s) and is determined to minimise any adverse impacts as a result of its activities.

WEEE Serve is committed to the following philosophy:

Promotion of awareness

We will promote awareness by informing and motivating our staff and encouraging them to play an active role in the WEEE Serve environmental policy.

Environment and the community

We will work with the local and business communities where WEEE Serve operates by ensuring that local environmental initiatives are abided by and staff encouraged to be vigilant of public interest environmental issues in the host community

Continuous improvement

We will set specific improvement tasks, monitor thier progress and communicate results internally.

Property management

We are operating in buildings of many designs and ages. We will carry out our operations in a manner that will reduce the associated environmental impacts and be sympathetic with the external surroundings. We will continually monitor the use of energy in our operations. To reduce our Carbon Footprint we will seek to minimise the emission of greenhouse gases and move to comply or exceed levels prescribed in national and international agreements.


The WEEE Serve purchasing policy will favour suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices.

Waste Management

We will continue to promote, develop and implement waste prevention, reduction, re-use and recycling on-site in a systematic and cost effective manner.

We will use appropriately regulated waste management contractors to ensure safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste sent off-site in accordance with best environmental practice. We will work closely with our suppliers and customers towards achieving our Environmental Policy aims.