Social Responsibility

WEEE Serve and its Partners and staff take their Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously and to this end have agreed a plan to:

  1. undertake to establish a zero carbon footprint for WEEE Serve; and
  2. play an active role in supporting Commercial Enterprises to develop social responsibility within the local community

WEEE Serve will utilise, wherever possible the services of Suppliers in each local community in which WEEE Serve operates. WEEE Serve aims to maintain its energy consumption at the same levels during each year of this growth period. WEEE Serve will work towards a 100% usage of used and recycled packaging material WEEE Serve will employ its staff from the local area wherever possible WEEE Serve will aim to increase the re-use of waste materials and support the continued research into hard plastics recycling. WEEE Serve will actively seek to work with other organisations who support and adhere to their own corporate social responsibilities statement. WEEE Serve will meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.

This statement sets out the main aims and objectives of WEEE Serve for the period 2012 to 2015